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The Rinnai Infinity range is a continuous flow gas hot water system designed with the environment in mind. Plumber Near Me specialises in Rinnai servicing, installation and repair.

Rinnai Infinity Experts

As its name implies, the Rinnai Infinity gas continuous flow hot water system never runs out of hot water. Back in the early 90s, when this system was first designed, it was a revolutionary idea. It works by heating water as it passes through the unit on its way to your tap. Compared to storage heating units, this method uses far less energy because it only heats the right amount of water when it’s needed.

The Rinnai Infinity range offers a wide variety of models. Which model is right for your house largely depends on how many people are using the system and which type of climate you are living in.

At Plumber Near Me, we offer a wealth of experience in supplying, repairing, servicing and installing Rinnai Infinity gas hot water units. It is safe to conclude that we are your local Rinnai Infinity experts.

Rinnai Infinity – Continuous Hot Water

Possibly the best feature of the Rinnai Infinity range is that it is a gas continuous flow hot water system. This means no bulky storage tanks risking bacterial growth or scalding hot water. You only get a wonderful continuous flow of hot water, pretty much instantly.

Gas continuous flow hot water systems also benefit from being more energy efficient as they only heat the water that you use, while storage tanks will heat the entire tank. Now that’s a whole lot of good reasons to consider a Rinnai Infinity water heater.

We understand that if your hot water is no longer working, then life very quickly becomes unpleasant. That’s why Plumber Near Me offers our customers 24/7 emergency plumbing service. We can often be at your house within an hour of your call* so that you are never left waiting.

All our plumbers are highly qualified and receive continuous training to keep their skills and knowledge current. They will arrive fully equipped with the latest technology to ensure your job is completed to the highest standard possible. We are able to issue certificates of compliance that document the work we have completed adheres to stringent standards and regulations.

Specialists in Rinnai Systems

We service, install and repair the following models:

Our Plumbing Quality Assurance Guarantee

Here at Plumber Near Me we strive to make every customer interaction of the highest standard. That’s why we work to a quality assurance guarantee for every job – this includes our Rinnai Infinity services.

This includes having access to our 24/7 technicians and always aiming to have a plumber available just one hour after your call*. This is for all general maintenance and emergencies.

What’s the best part of it all? No matter what time or day you need us for Rinnai Infinity hot water services, Plumber Near Me charges you the same great rates. Monday morning, Thursday night, Saturday lunch time, or even Christmas Day – it’s all the same to us.

Interest Free** Rinnai Infinity Hot Water

Never fear a hot water service with Plumber Near Me. We know having a plumber out can be intimidating as far as the price is concerned, but you don’t want to go without hot water for long. That’s why we offer all customers the option of interest free** payment plans.

Arranged through buy now, pay later finance providers Humm and Zip, these plans allow you to have your Rinnai Infinity serviced today and pay it back later in manageable weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

The Rinnai Infinity price is, like all prices at Plumber Near Me, fixed. That applies to the product, installation and service. We have fixed prices for repairs too. Before we begin work, we ask you to agree to the price so that no one gets surprised by the bill.

Ready for a Rinnai Infinity service? Contact the team at Plumber Near Me.

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