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We Are Your Local Gas Hot Water System Experts

For consistent and reliable hot water at any time of the day or night, you need a reliable gas hot water system. You also need it to be cost-effective and low on energy consumption to really get maximum benefit.

At Plumber Near Me, we pride ourselves on being your go-to local experts when it comes to gas hot water systems. Our expert plumbers have the skill and expertise you need to enjoy hot water delivery no matter what time of the day or night. Whether you’re switching to gas after years of electric hot water systems, or you simply want to be assured of enough hot water by upgrading to a continuous flow system, we can help.

Specialists In Helping You Meet Your Hot Water Needs

No matter what your hot water needs, Plumber Near Me has the perfect solution for your household. We supply and install, service and repair gas hot water systems designed to withstand tough Australian conditions, run with optimal energy efficiency and provide reliable hot water when you need it most.

Our broad scope of services includes:

  • Initial supply and installation
  • Routine maintenance
  • Punctual annual servicing
  • Timely repairs

Our plumbers offer expert emergency services for hot water systems. Should you encounter any issues or unexpected hiccups with your gas hot water heater, we are fully equipped to carry out reliable gas leak detection and rectification processes. We can also replace your gas hot water heater when your existing system reaches the end of its natural lifespan or you want to upgrade to a more highly efficient option that helps you save energy.

Working With All Hot Water System Types

When it comes to gas hot water systems, knowing which type of system you want and what each offers is important. The two main types available are gas storage water heaters and instantaneous or continuous flow systems. Also available are solar-powered hot water systems that use gas as an energy boost when the sun is not at its peak. Plumber Near Me offers a wealth of experience and knowledge across each option, and is happy to help you make the right decision for your home.

Gas Storage Systems

As its name suggests, a gas storage system holds water in a storage tank where it is heated to its required temperature by an LPG or natural gas burner. Storage systems come in a range of sizes to accommodate all needs. You’ll find everything from a slimline unit ideal for small to medium households, to larger tank sizes suitable for larger properties.

Gas storage hot water systems offer notable benefits. Compared to electric hot water systems, they boast a faster recovery rate. This means they can refill and heat water to the desired temperature much quicker. They also typically come with lower operating costs due to the rising cost of electricity.

They’re not without their drawbacks, however. Gas storage tanks can lose heat, even when insulated, which affects their overall efficiency. And once the tank has run out of water, you’ll need to wait for it to refill and reheat.

Instantaneous or Continuous Flow Systems

On the other hand, instantaneous hot water units don’t come with a storage tank. It uses a natural gas burner to heat water instantly. And just as the continuous flow name indicates, the hot water flows consistently and continuously. That means you can enjoy reliable hot water on demand when you need it.

This means lower running costs as there’s no unnecessary water heating throughout the day. You only heat water when you turn on the tap, which is better for your energy consumption and therefore your energy bill as well. Continuous flow hot water heaters come in various sizes and offer easy installation. Models start at as little as 10 litres per minute and can go all the way up to 32 litres per minute. The many benefits of instantaneous systems include:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Compact installation
  • Hot water on demand
  • Lower running costs
  • No heat energy wastage
  • Increased water hygiene

Thanks to their small, sleek sizing you can enjoy versatile placement inside or outside the home – as long as a specific internal unit is used.

Gas-boosted Solar Powered Systems

Arguably the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option on the market is a solar-powered hot water system, which heats water using the sun’s energy. Of course, the sun’s energy can be stronger at certain times of the year than others, so these systems supplement that energy with a gas boost when needed. The booster is only used when solar energy can’t produce the full amount of energy required. It’s an effective way to ensure you always have hot water all year round without relying on electricity.

Mr Emergency works with gas continuous flow units, gas storage tanks or gas-boosted solar. Meanwhile, we can also provide durable, long-term repairs to your natural gas connection. With reliable after-hours service and committed 24/7 attendance, we will ensure you never run out of hot water. Contact us now to learn more or to book your local hot water technician.

Gas Hot Water System Installation

An exciting range of gas hot water systems with a star rating of 5 or more means you can enjoy energy-efficient heating 24/7. Plumber Near Me also provides fast and reliable gas system installations, so all customers can experience same-day reliable hot water every time they turn on the hot tap.

We install new hot water systems with precision, from Bosch to the Rinnai Infinity range among many other brands. Our experienced gas fitters can also install any copper pipework which is required for an airtight natural gas connection.

Available For Upgrades and Emergencies

You may be looking at upgrading an existing hot water system to a more efficient unit. Our knowledgeable technicians can provide an on-site assessment to determine the best product for your home. Chat with them about a preferred brand, what benefits you want, and any energy efficiency goals. We’ll help you every step of the way with a gas water heater installation.

If you need urgent help after hours, Plumber Near Me can be at your door within an hour of your call*. We’ll arrive with a van containing all the parts you need for repairs, maintenance or installation. And there are no additional fees for work done after hours.

Finance Options** Gas Hot Water Systems

The upfront purchase and installation costs of a gas water heating are generally higher than an electric unit. However, the running costs are lower and you’ll be saving money within a couple of years. Any additional gas work may also impact the price. But if you’re starting from scratch with a new gas connection, the additional costs are necessary.

If you are concerned about the cost of a new gas hot water system or necessary repairs, Plumber Near Me has the solution. We offer a range of convenient finance options** payment plans for eligible customers.

Enjoy Flexible and Convenient Payment Options

You can start by choosing a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on the plan you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, giving you extra financial breathing space when you need it.

Your gas fitter can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes. If you’re not interested in a payment plan, we also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

Arrange Your Gas Hot Water Heater Installation Today

Gas hot water heaters have an average lifespan of at least 10 years, so you’ll be set up for a long time to come. For all your gas hot water system needs, call Plumber Near Me. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form and we will get right back to you.

Gas Hot Water System Service Areas

We service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.


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