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Do You Know What a Tempering Valve Is?

Tempering valves are something you are obliged to install on new hot water systems to make sure the water from the taps isn't too hot. When you need tempering valve installation or replacement, you need Plumber Near Me.

Why You Need A Hot Water Tempering Valve

If the first question people often ask is “What is a tempering valve?” then the second is almost always “Why do I need one for my hot water system?”

Simply put, hot water storage systems must keep the water temperature at 60°C. This ensures that legionella and other harmful bacteria are destroyed and cannot spread through your plumbing. The problem with this is that the hot water supply at 60°C can scald or burn with prolonged exposure. Children and the elderly are especially vulnerable.

Therefore, in the interest of safety, it is mandatory in most Australian states to install a tempering valve on stored hot water systems.

How A Tempering Valve Affects Your Hot Water System

Tempering valves control the temperature of the water that comes out of your hot water tap so that it doesn’t exceed 50°C. They are attached to both the hot and cold water lines, mixing cold water with hot water before the water comes out of the hot tap. A temperature monitor expands and contracts to maintain the perfect balance.

With such specific requirements, contact Plumber Near Me if something goes wrong with your hot water tempering valve, or if you need hot water services. Our technicians can tackle all issues with tempering valves, from repairs to installation.

Do You Need a Tempering Valve on Continuous Flow?

The short answer to that question is: No, it is not essential to have a tempering valve installed on a continuous flow hot water unit. Tankless continuous flow models are typically set to 50°C as there is no water stored in a tank, like in electric systems.

Tempering valves are only needed when the water is heated to a higher temperature that is not suitable for general household use.

Tempering Valve Installation

With Australia-wide temperature regulations, it’s essential your new hot water system has a tempering valve. While not all storage tanks may come with one, a fully licensed plumber should recommend installing a tempering valve.

Plumber Near Me installs temperature control valves on all storage tank hot water units, while we also offer replacement services on damaged valves.

And if you have an existing water heater without a tempering valve, we can easily install a new one to make sure your home meets local plumbing code requirements. If you have any doubts, just contact our friendly customer service team now to book a hot water service.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve vs Terminator Valve vs Pressure Limiting Valve

There are a number of important valves associated with your hot water system, and they can get a touch confusing. Here’s a brief explanation so you know the difference.

Thermostatic Mixing Valve

A thermostatic mixing valve is an essential device that provides a swift response to changes in pressure and temperature. Tempering valve regulations require them to be installed in various settings, including nursing homes, childcare centres, and schools. Thermostatic mixing valves ensure that the water outlet temperature remains below 45°C, protecting vulnerable individuals from scalding incidents. With their efficient control mechanism, TMVs contribute to maintaining a safe and comfortable environment in facilities where precise temperature regulation is crucial.

Terminator Valve

A terminator valve, also known as a Mildred valve, plays a crucial role in safeguarding indoor hot water systems. This valve is designed to detect and respond to leaks in the hot water heater by automatically shutting off the water supply. Its installation is a matter of convenience and a requirement specified by the Australian Standard. Without a terminator valve, any damage caused by a leaking hot water heater may not be covered by insurance. By providing an additional layer of protection, these valves help mitigate potential water damage and ensure peace of mind for homeowners and property owners.

Pressure Limiting Valve

Another familiar part is the pressure limiting valve. The inlet water pressure for hot water heaters is set at a maximum of 500kPa, so if your water pressure goes over this, you need to put in a pressure limiting valve.

Hot Water Tempering Valve Adjustment

Not only do hot water tempering valves require professional, licensed installation, but any adjustment must be performed by a licensed plumber.

Plumber Near Me will ensure the exact temperature is set and that your home is 100% compliant.

Alongside any installation or adjustment, we can offer a full hot water system service. This is to keep your unit running efficiently and safely.

Finance Options** Service on Tempering Valves

If you’re having problems with water temperature, and need a new hot water mixing valve, it’s not something you can ignore. The last idea you should pour cold water on. At the wrong tank temperature, water can be dangerous. But if this problem has occurred at a difficult time for your finances, there’s no need to worry.

Plumber Near Me offers convenient finance options** payment plans for eligible customers needing a new hot water mixing valve. Simply choose a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on the plan you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there’s no upfront cost.

Flexible Payment Options For Your Convenience

Your plumber can take you through the easy application process; approval usually takes only a few minutes. You can then relax while your qualified plumber gets your hot and cold water just right. If you’re not interested in a payment plan, we also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

If you have questions about tempering valves or any of our other services, don’t hesitate to call Plumber Near Me. Or fill out our online form and we’ll call you back within minutes.

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We service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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