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Do you need a Rinnai Infinity 18 supplied, repaired, serviced or installed? Well, you've come to the right place.

Rinnai Infinity 18 Instantaneous Hot Water Unit

Plumber Near Me was called out recently to a family home where they were experiencing some issues with their hot water system. They had an instantaneous hot water system which usually delivered unlimited hot water to them. But lately, the hot water was running out quite quickly. So much so that a shower was near impossible.

The customer was at work at the time but could be home later in the afternoon. We booked in a time that worked with the customer’s schedule and met him onsite that evening.

The customer’s system was a bit of an older unit and it hadn’t had any parts replaced, so it was easy to see why a fault had occurred. The pressure valve was faulty and was not allowing enough pressure to build up and use the heating element. This was an easy repair as the plumber had the part in the back of his van but, due to the age of the unit, he also recommended considering a new system.

He explained the unit may only last another one or two years as other parts would fail soon. The customer was made aware that he had two options. As much as he appreciated the plumber’s advice and he knew the system needed to be replaced, he decided to go for the repair at the time. He was not planning financially to replace the whole system and would need to look at his options. The plumber agreed and got to work.

Hot Water Flowing Again

Not long after arriving the work was done. They tested the unit and it was producing a much more constant stream than before. The customer did ask for a quick quote while onsite just to plan for the future, but the important thing was the household would have functioning water that night.

The following day our customer service manager called the customer just to check the whole transaction had gone through smoothly. The customer was thrilled to have a much more reliable source of hot water at the moment.

He praised the customer service operator for making the booking process clear and with haste and was surprised to receive an after-job call to check customer satisfaction. It’s safe to say he will now be a regular Plumber Near Me customer in future.

Interest Free** Rinnai Infinity 18

With the Rinnai Infinity 18 being an instantaneous hot water system, it can be more costly upfront to purchase. What you pay in upfront costs, however, you can make back in running cost savings when compared to a storage tank system.

That said, using Plumber Near Me means you need not worry about the higher upfront cost immediately. Flexible interest free** payment plans are just one of the many benefits of using Plumber Near Me, with options available through lenders Humm and Zip. These plans can be paid off in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on your choice of provider, so you can manage your finances easily. Some plan even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

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