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What Does a Rinnai Error Code 58 Mean?

If a Rinnai error code 58 is flashing on your digital monitor, this indicates a scale build-up inside the secondary heat exchanger. This will cause a fault with the secondary heat exchanger sensor within the unit.

Some of the Rinnai tankless hot water heater models have a secondary heat exchanger installed. The purpose of a secondary heat exchanger is to pre-heat your water using heat from the exhaust gases. These hot water heater models are extremely energy efficient.

Rinnai Hot Water Error Code 58 Troubleshooting

Unless the fault code 58 is showing in error, you will need to book the services of a fully qualified professional to rectify the Rinnai error code 58.

If you turn the hot water tap on and off as well as pushing the on/off button on your status monitor, this may clear the fault code 58 if it was showing in error. If the code remains, or is removed but then returns again, then a service call will be required to resolve the issue.

Rinnai Error Code Repairs

If you call a Rinnai expert from Plumber Near Me we can rectify your hot water error code 58 with minimal fuss. Our fully qualified plumbers are the Rinnai hot water heater specialists and we know all there is to know about repairing any fault code that may be flashing on your system’s, digital monitor.

To rectify the Rinnai hot water fault code 58, your attending plumber from Plumber Near Me will check the system for any loose or damaged connections from the secondary heat exchanger sensor back to the PC board. If no damaged connections are found, the next step will be to flush the system and remove the scale build-up.

This occurrence can be common when hard water is used. Hard water needs to be treated to prevent scale build-up within your hot water heater. You should never attempt any DIY repairs on your Rinnai continuous flow hot water heater if you are unqualified to do so.

High voltage wiring and gas connections are not something that should be taken lightly and the last thing that you want to do is risk your appliance warranty – not to mention the safety of your home, yourself and your family.

Rinnai Hot Water Quality Plumbing

Leave the repairs to the experts and trust that the Rinnai error code 58 will be resolved in a prompt manner at an affordable cost. We come to your property any time of the day or night and provide a same day service – or within the hour* in a gas or plumbing emergency. With Plumber Near Me you know you will always get:

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