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Frustrated by a Bosch Error Code CF?

Is your Bosch hot water heater showing error code CF? You can check this by looking to see if anything is blinking on the digital monitor of your hot water temperature controller? If so, this is an indication that there is a blockage or a build-up of dirt in the flue gas outlet.

The flue gas outlet is required to vent gas wastage and to prevent dangerous fumes from entering your home. Fluing also increases the effectiveness of the hot water heater. It is an extremely important safety feature of a gas hot water unit and any issues will be required to be attended to upon first signs of any issue.

Bosch Error Code CF Troubleshooting

You can attempt to clear the Bosch fault code CF (in the event that it has displayed in error) by turning the hot water system off at the main power, opening a hot water tap fully and then turning the appliance power back on. If the error code CF is still flashing on the digital monitor of your temperature controller, then it is time to call a fully qualified service technician.

Bosch Hot Water System Error Code Repair

Call in a reliable, friendly and affordable plumber from Plumber Near Me. We can have the CF error code cleared and your hot water heater back in normal functioning order on the same day as your plumber booking.

Your attending plumber from Jim’s will inspect your Bosch gas hot water heater to check for any dirt or debris that may be blocking the flue gas outlet, and clean and clear as required. If no dirt build up is present they will check the connections within the system to ensure there are no loose or damaged parts leading back to the electronic control unit. If any replacement parts are required, in most cases, your Jim’s plumber won’t need to leave the site to source as they come to you in a fully stocked van.

You can trust that your plumber from Jim’s is fully qualified and is an expert at Bosch hot water heater repairs. The hot water fault code CF will be rectified in an efficient and prompt manner allowing your hot water to be running hot again before you know it.

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