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What Does the Bosch Error Code C1 Mean?

In order to see if your Bosch hot water system has an error code, check your temperature controller.  An advanced feature of the Bosch hot water temperature controllers is their ability to self-diagnose any fault that may occur within the hot water system. If there is any issue a fault code will flash on the remote controller’s monitor. This feature allows for a prompt repair as you can easily see where the problem lies by the fault code that is displayed.

One of the Bosch codes that may blink on the digital monitor is error code C1.

If the Bosch error code C1 is blinking on your digital monitor this indicates that there is insufficient airflow to allow the hot water heater to start up. Fault code C1 will display if your Bosch tankless hot water heater uses a combustion fan to allow for the combustion process to happen. With an error code C1 you will also have no hot water.

Bosh Fault Code C1 Repair

You can attempt to clear the Bosch fault code C1 yourself by turning a hot water tap fully and then turning it off. You can also try turning off the power of hot water system and then turning it on again. If error code C1 remains then you will need to call in a qualified plumbing professional.

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Interest Free Bosch Hot Water Error Code Repairs

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