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Bosch Error Code 93 Hot Water Heater Fault

Most Bosch hot water systems are equipped with technology that detects faults. These faults are displayed as error codes on the system’s water temperature controller. One error code you may encounter is Error Code 93.

One of the systems you may find this code on is a Bosch Highflow Condensing gas hot water heater.

What Does a Bosch Error Code 93 Indicate?

If a fault code 93 is displayed on your water heater, this means that the neutraliser within the hot water heater has reached the end of its service life and requires a replacement.

A neutraliser is present inefficient condensing hot water heaters to neutralise the highly acidic condensate produced from the unit, prior to it being discharged. This function is a safety feature so the Bosch system will not operate when displayed with this error code.

Who Can Resolve the Bosch Error Code 93?

When Error Code 93 is displayed, you will require service to your neutraliser. This should only be carried out by an industry professional such as the team at Plumber Near Me.

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It’s all part of our Quality Assurance Guarantee, which is in place to ensure we are always operating with customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Interest Free Repairs

At Plumber Near Me, we know how frustrating it is to have error codes disrupting your hot water system. Especially when it means you are without hot water! That’s why we provide rapid and reliable service, and a range of no deposit, no interest payment plans**. When you get a payment plan, you can have your repair completed now and pay for it later. Your technician can carry out the application with you on site and once approved can begin work straight away.

If you have any questions or want to book one of our professional plumbers, call today.

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