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24/7 Emergency Gas Leak Detection and Repairs

If you suspect a gas leak in or around your home, don't hesitate to call Plumber Near Me. We're here to help with all gas leak repairs, detection services, and long-lasting gas fitting solutions to ensure your home's safety.

Experts in the Detection and Repair of Gas Leaks

If you ever smell gas and suspect a gas leak in your home, make the call to Plumber Near Me. Our experienced and fully licensed gas fitters are available 24/7, every day of the year, for emergency gas leaks.

It goes without saying that gas leaks, whether LPG or natural gas, are a serious and potentially dangerous problem. The associated risks with leaking gas include potential negative health side effects and the possibility of fire or an explosion.

Often your nose will react to natural gas first with the familiar odour of sulphur or rotten eggs. When you smell gas, it’s an immediate warning sign that you should always acknowledge for your safety.

However, finding gas leaks can often be much more challenging. That’s why you’ll need the help of a professional gas fitter from Plumber Near Me.

Experienced Gas Fitters Available 24/7 For Gas Leak Repair

Our licensed gas fitter team will use the most advanced gas leak detection tools to uncover the problem at its source. Accurate detection is followed by prompt repairs and long-term solutions.

With fast service within one hour of your call* and no additional after-hours fees, you can also feel confident about contacting Plumber Near Me at any time or day of the week. Our friendly technicians will arrive immediately to get the job done and ensure your home is 100% safe.

We provide on-the-spot gas fitting repairs and lifelong solutions for your peace of mind. So if you suspect a gas leak, contact Plumber Near Me ASAP.

What are the Signs of a Natural Gas Leak?

Plumber Near Me is available for all of your gas plumbing services. However, unless you call us for a routine gas fitting check-up, you will most likely discover the first sign of a leak.

Therefore, it’s beneficial for you to know what gas leaks look, smell or sound like. The most common warning sign is a strong smell, often described as rotten cabbage or eggs, dirty socks or sulphur. This comes from a harmless gas called mercaptan that gets added to odourless natural gas before it reaches your gas pipes.

Other warning signs of gas leaks include:

  • Side effects such as dizziness, nausea, headaches, irritation or difficulty breathing.
  • Hissing or whistling sounds coming from gas pipes.
  • Plants or grass which has unexpectedly died.
  • Physical damage to the gas meter or gas pipe.
  • A weak pilot light flame.
  • An uncharacteristically high spike in your gas bill.
  • Your gas meter reading is higher than what your actual household gas usage should indicate.

Depending on the gas appliances you have, the signs could be different. Your gas heater could show a more visible spluttering pilot light than a gas hot water system or gas stove would. You are also more likely to notice a leak from your oven than the hot water heater, which might be tucked away at the back of the house.

We recommend you call an experienced plumber or gas fitter for annual gas appliance servicing to help uncover any potential problems. Plumber Near Me can easily keep you and your family safe with on-site gas leak detection and repairs.

What To Do If You Have A Gas Leak

If you have leaking gas in your home, take immediate action while you wait for gas leak repairs.

First, avoid igniting any flames or using electrical appliances; even a small spark can trigger an explosion. Open doors and windows to ventilate your home. A well-ventilated area reduces gas concentration. Don’t attempt to locate the leak yourself; gas is highly flammable and potentially lethal. Instead, promptly turn off the gas and evacuate all occupants from the property.

Once everyone is safe, contact Plumber Near Me to send an expert plumber gas fitter to your location. While you wait, stay clear of the property. Our team will arrive promptly to handle the situation and ensure your home is safe.

Repairing Gas Leaks

At Plumber Near Me, our expert gas fitters follow a structured and safety-focused approach to repairing gas leaks.

The process begins with a detailed gas plumbing system inspection, using cutting-edge tools to determine the source of the leak. Once we’ve established the source, we ensure immediate containment to minimise further leakage and potential risks.

As soon as we’ve established the leak and isolated it, we then get to repairing it safely and carefully. This might involve anything replacing damaged sections with high-quality parts, replacing a gas pipe if needed, or resealing as necessary. Post-repair, we conduct thorough testing to confirm that the system is secure and functioning optimally. We also provide valuable advice on preventive measures to help you avoid future gas leaks.

Don’t risk your safety by ignoring a suspected gas leak; call Plumber Near Me, your reliable partner in gas leak repairs. We are available 24/7, ensuring your peace of mind.

Repairs of Gas Appliances

Our gas leak detection includes more than just a patch job repair of your gas lines. As a part of our trusted services, you can expect long-term gas appliance repairs and excellent outcomes for your home.

While on-site, our gas fitters will work towards the best possible solution for your gas appliance or pipework. It may be as simple as pipe replacement or the installation of a new gas hot water system or cooktop.

It all depends on unique factors such as the age of your appliances, copper piping and more. But you can rest assured that Plumber Near Me will provide an upfront assessment and fixed-price quote for the work – before we start the work.

You are not locked into anything, even for emergency gas leak repairs.

Our local gas fitter will arrive with a fully stocked van, carrying all the tools and equipment required for a secure fix, and if you do need any new gas appliances, we can also source and install it.

Carbon Monoxide Detection and Leak Repair

As part of our gas leak repairs and detection services, Plumber Near Me can also assist with carbon monoxide detection and leak repairs. Recognising the invisible danger of carbon monoxide, and how – unlike natural gas – it is naturally odourless as well as colourless, we also offer thorough testing to detect this harmful gas.

If we detect any presence of carbon monoxide, we undertake immediate corrective measures to fix the issue. Our fully qualified gas fitters not only repair the root cause of the leak but also implement preventative measures to reduce the risk of future carbon monoxide emissions. With Plumber Near Me, you can trust us to maintain a safe and healthy living environment. Your personal safety is our utmost priority, and we stand ready to assist 24/7.

Finance Options** Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is not something you can ignore, but it might happen at a time that is not convenient for your household budget. That’s why Plumber Near Me offers a range of finance options** payment plans for eligible customers.

Simply choose a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on the plan you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your plumber can take you through the easy application process; approval usually takes only a few minutes. You can then sit back and relax while your professional gas fitter gets the job done.

If you’re not interested in a payment plan, we also accept cash, cheque and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

If you’re in need of gas leak detection or repair services, don’t hesitate to call Plumber Near Me. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form and we will get right back to you.

Gas Leak Repairs Service Areas

We service all metropolitan areas of Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Geelong, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

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