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The Best Solution When Blocked Drains Are Beyond Repair

When stormwater or sewer pipes are blocked or damaged beyond repair, replacement is the best long-term solution. Plumber Near Me specialises in drainage excavation work and is available 24/7 for emergency repairs across Australia.

Drain Excavation Plumbers

Sewer and stormwater drains can easily become damaged or clogged over the years. There’s the intense pressure of soil pushing down upon them, invasive tree roots looking for nutrients, plus a whole array of nasty surprises and blockages that can cause a big headache.

With the professional experience of Plumber Near Me by your side, we can tackle any stubborn drainage problems and provide thorough, long-term repairs for your home.

Unfortunately, this often includes digging up your pipes and replacing them. Drainage excavation is seen as a last resort due to the need to dig up drains. However, it’s the only option when we cannot remove a blockage, or the drains are too damaged for pipe relining.

24/7 Excavation Services

If you need 24/7 emergency repairs, we can take care of it all. We also take care of you, offering fast attendance within the hour* and charge no additional after-hours fees, including on weekends and public holidays.

Meanwhile, you can pair our plumbing services with an interest-free** payment plan to keep you in financial control of any job, big or small.

Essential plumbing work should always be a top priority. There’s no need to postpone any required work because it’s sprung up out of nowhere. Just give us a call today and we’ll organise a visit from a local, reliable plumbing professional.

Stormwater and Sewer Drainage Excavation

When your drains have become blocked, the problem usually lies deep within the pipework. It could be a nasty root infestation or stubborn foreign objects which are wedged deep down. The issue could even be a damaged or collapsed drain.

No matter what, we have our own machinery, as well as all the tools to tackle the job. Our plumbers are highly qualified and licensed for drainage excavation, pipe relining and more. We offer a whole suite of plumbing services to ensure your pipes are flowing again.

With plumbing professionals operating round the clock, we can fix it at any hour, including weekends and public holidays. In an emergency plumbing situation when you’re in urgent need of drainage clearing, we can even be there within an hour of your call*.

Expert Service, Knowledge and Advice

Once on site, our plumbers will examine your pipes using a CCTV drain camera to fully inspect the blockage. This helps them determine if an alternate method is best, such as a hydro jet drain cleaner or electric eel, or if excavation is the only option.

If that is the case, we always endeavour to minimise interruptions to your day. We understand that digging up your garden is a big, and sometimes messy, job. However, we work diligently for a smooth pipe replacement and installation so you can rest easy at night knowing everything is in working order.

Interest Free** Drainage Excavation Services

The price of drain excavation is undoubtedly one of the first things any customer thinks of, and rightly so. Heavy machinery is involved, landscaping will be disrupted, while your pipeline will be replaced.

Unfortunately, it is just one of the more expensive plumbing jobs no matter where you go. This is why Plumber Near Me puts customer satisfaction first. All of our drainage excavation services can be covered by an interest free** payment plan for eligible customers.

Once you have received a fixed-price quote upfront, the payment plan is a simple way to get important work completed without delay.

Choose From A Range of Payment Options

Simply choose a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, whatever suits your lifestyle. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Your plumber can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes. In no time your garden will be back to its beautiful self, your pipes will be happy, and your finances will remain strong and healthy.

If you’d like to know more, contact us today to chat directly or book a plumber.

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We service all metropolitan areas of AdelaideBrisbaneCanberraGeelongGold CoastMelbournePerth and Sydney.

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