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Plumber Near Me can install, service and repair your Rheem 50L electric storage hot water system. Call us today.

Rheem 50L Replacement Service

A new customer contacted Plumber Near Me because her old Rheem Electric 50L storage tank had completely stopped working. She advised the friendly bookings team that the system itself was manufactured in 1989, so she had expected it would need replacing soon anyway.

The plumber was dispatched straight away and arrived at her property within an hour of her phone call*. He was able to take a look at the unit and see that it was beyond repair and offered to quote for a replacement. The customer advised that as her unit had lasted for such a long time, she was looking to replace it with the exact same unit, if possible. She would also be open to a similar Rheem electric hot water system.

The Plumber Near Me technician was able to discuss possible suitable replacements for the customer, and make sure that the capacity would meet her and her family’s needs.

The customer told us she wouldn’t mind the capacity being a little bit higher as there was a greater demand for hot water in her home these days. The plumber was able to quote a fixed price to supply and install a brand new Rheem Stellar 80L Electric storage unit to replace her old unit. This unit comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on the cylinder.

The customer was also given the option of using our interest-free terms** on the new system. However, as we do offer payment options such as mobile EFTPOS, cash and cheque, the customer was happy to just pay it off in full via her credit card.

The plumber went ahead straight away with the removal and installation of the new unit. He was also able to take away the old unit at the customer’s request.

Once the plumber had left, we contacted the customer to ensure that she was satisfied with the completed work.

She said she was happy with how professional the plumber was and told us she struggled to find an honest tradesman a lot of the time. She also felt comfortable because the plumbers were all employed directly through the company and weren’t subcontractors. She said she would definitely use our services again.

Reliable Rheem 50 Litre Storage Tank

Plumber Near Me had a call from a local school which had lost hot water in its staff room. We were able to attend within a time frame that suited them.

Upon arrival we found the school used a Rheem 50L hot water system. This is a popular unit for sites such as offices and canteens due to its convenient size. Plumber Near Me has worked on these units many times in the past.

Our technician found the problem was that the element on the hot water system needed a replacement. We also advised our customer that it would be best to also install a safe tray under the hot water system.

The safe tray has many benefits. If the unit does leak and there is no safe tray for protection, the leak will damage joinery. When replacing the element, it was a more difficult job than what we were used to, only because there was nowhere to drain the water during our fix.

We advised the customer it would also be beneficial to insulate the line coming from the hot water tank as this had not been done previously, resulting in a loss of temperature from the hot water delivered to taps in the staff room.

The customer went ahead with all of our suggestions and we got started straight away. We installed the new safe tray and had it discharging water into the sewer lines, so water would have somewhere to go should a leak occur. This can often be a serious issue because, when hot water heaters are concealed in cupboards, they may leak for months without being noticed. This can lead to extensive water damage.

This particular hot water unit is no longer made and its new equal is the Rheemglas Electric 50 litre storage. They are both compact and are very similar in pressure and running efficiency, with a 7-year cylinder warranty, 3-year warranty on labour of the cylinder and a 1-year warranty on other parts and labour.

Our customer was happy no replacement was needed due to our expertise with these small Rheem units.

Interest Free** Rheem 50L Service

Whether you need maintenance on a Rheem 50L hot water system or replacement with a different unit, the financial aspect might come at an inconvenient time for your budget.

That’s why Plumber Near Me offers a range of interest free** payment options for eligible customers. There’s no need for you to delay urgent plumbing repairs.

You can start by choosing a plan with one of our providers – Zip or Humm. You have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on which plan you select. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so there’s nothing to pay upfront.

Your plumber can take you through the easy application process and approval usually takes only a few minutes. Then your Plumber Near Me professional can get the job done. If you’re not interested in a payment plan, we also accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard and American Express).

If you want more information on servicing or replacing your Rheem 50L hot water system, call Plumber Near Me today.

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