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AquaMAX Experts

Plumber Near Me is your local AquaMAX expert, specialising in the installation, repairs and maintenance of all AquaMAX hot water systems.

AquaMAX Hot Water Systems Installation, Repairs and Service

For more than 30 years, AquaMAX has manufactured industry-leading, five-star rated hot water systems for Australian households. The Melbourne-based manufacturer is a true frontrunner in quality gas and electric storage units. It’s precisely why Plumber Near Me is proud to work on all AquaMAX products. Rest assured, we know when we’re working with the cream of the crop!

Plumber Near Me is your trusted local specialist in AquaMAX hot water systems. We deliver 24/7 service, fast and reliable attendance, and provide long-lasting solutions if anything goes wrong. We’re here and ready to help, whether you’re left without hot water on a Sunday evening or simply need to replace an old, inefficient hot water system.

The fully licensed plumbers of Plumber Near Me can supply and install hot water systems from the entire available AquaMAX range. We can help you search for your next water heater, or source and supply your desired hot water system. Whatever you may require, trust that Plumber Near Me will get it done.

When it comes to modern electric stainless steel units and gas hot water systems, the AquaMAX name is one that is synonymous with superior quality and performance. We work with all of their 5-star models, including gas storage systems or electric storage systems past and present.

You’ll need not pay extra for emergency installation, service or repair either. Plumber Near Me will not charge you additional fees for after hours work, including weekends and public holidays. You can call us at any time, whether at 10am on a Tuesday or 10pm on a Saturday, and enjoy the benefits of local, qualified hot water specialists at the same rates.

Want to find out more about the full range of AquaMAX services we offer? Keep reading, or contact our team today to book a job!

AquaMAX Electric Hot Water Systems

Since 1988, AquaMAX has delivered on its promise to give Australians more in hot water. Their original models came onto the market at an energy efficient 5 stars, and they’ve never looked back. AquaMAX has solidified its position as a leader in the water heater market, whether it’s through their electric vitreous enamel range or stainless steel electric storage systems.

If you own a hot water system designed and manufactured by AquaMAX, you will already know the benefits. And that’s why you want another when your existing unit reaches the end of its life! If you’re new to the brand, however, the benefits of AquaMAX include:

  • 7 or 10-year cylinder warranties on vitreous enamel models
  • 12-year cylinder warranties on stainless steel models.
  • Versatile water storage capacities between 40L and 400L.
  • Quality performance above Australian standards, including the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).
  • Reduced maintenance in stainless steel models due to the absence of a sacrificial anode.
  • Up to 50% less weight in a stainless steel model compared to vitreous enamel.

Additionally, Plumber Near Me provides a quality assurance guarantee on all of our installation, maintenance and repair work. This includes a 12-month warranty on all workmanship. Therefore, you can rely on us for all follow-up work on AquaMax water heaters long after we complete the initial install or repairs

AquaMAX Gas Storage Water Heaters

If you prefer gas heating and hot water for your home, AquaMAX has the answer. Their 5-star gas water heaters come in durable stainless steel tanks so you can enjoy years of steaming hot water when you need it.

With units ranging from 270L to 390L in storage capacity, there is a model to suit the needs of your home. AquaMAX gas hot water systems can handle anything and everything. Hot water always flows at a steady, high pressure, and one unit can keep up with the demands of a busy family.

The best part of it all is the cost savings you’ll enjoy compared to an electric system due to natural gas as a fuel source generally being cheaper.

Call Plumber Near Me today if you need any assistance with the AquaMAX G390SS, G340SS or G270SS gas storage range.

Benefit from the AquaMAX Hot Water Price

When it comes to buying any hot water system, the cost will always be a key deciding factor. However, with the AquaMAX brand, rest easy knowing that you are using one of the best on the market.

Installation or repair cost will always depend on different factors, including the size of the unit and whether you opt for a gas or electric powered model. Meanwhile, any other influencing factors such as pipework repairs or gas pipe maintenance will be crucial.

That’s why Plumber Near Me always comes in to complete an on-site assessment before we begin any task.

Hot Water Interest Free** Payment Plans

Plumber Near Me is proud to offer convenient interest free** payment options on all AquaMAX hot water system repairs, maintenance or installation. We know that emergencies can happen at any time, usually without any warning, and that an unexpected installation or repair may not always work within your household budget. Our goal is to leave you with hot water and we know that our interest free** payment options are just one way to help achieve that.

Approval is often granted within minutes and your plumber can chat with you about the options on-site. There are weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments to choose from, and no matter what, you remain in charge. Some plans accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront. If you’d like to know more, just contact Plumber Near Me today.

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