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Rinnai hot system

Your Friendly Rinnai Hot Water Service Doctor

If your Rinnai hot water system is in need of servicing, you might need to answer the following questions.

  • Is your hot water unit leaking?
  • Do you have a burst pipe?
  • Not producing hot water?
  • Only producing low water pressure?
  • Or the pilot light won’t stay ignited?

Don’t panic – simply contact Plumber Near Me immediately. We have been servicing hot water systems for the residents of Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for many years now.

Plumber Near Me can assist with not only gas and electric powered hot water systems, but also solar too. Furthermore, the team at Plumber Near Me is constantly receiving ongoing training to ensure that their knowledge of repair techniques for a variety of makes and models of Rinnai units including storage tank, continuous flow and heat pump style units is second to none!

All of our expert plumbers also travel in fully stocked vans, with the parts required to complete as many as 90% of your Rinnai hot water service jobs on site. It is this superior level of knowledge and preparedness that has made Plumber Near Me a household name for hot water service and repair Australia-wide.

So what are you waiting for? To arrange a time for one of our expert plumbers to attend and service your hot water unit, simply dial our number or place an enquiry via our website. Our plumbers are standing by now, waiting to help you.

Can I Install a Second-Hand System?

It is often recommended that you purchase an entirely new unit when looking to have a hot water unit installed. You don’t know the history of the unit that you have purchased, the age, quality or the current state.

Rinnai offers an extensive range and is considered to be one of Australia’s best and leading hot water systems, meaning you can expect quality and reliability when installing this brand in your home.

When installing a new hot water unit, we often find customers have attempted a DIY installation, rather than organising to have a professional plumber and gas fitter to attend.

This often leads to further problems either down the track or immediately, which is why it is recommended to have a professional attend to your hot water system needs.

My Hot Water System is Leaking. Should I Replace It?

To avoid pressure from building up within the hot water system tank, a pressure relief valve has been installed on each hot water system which drips at a steady rate. This is considered to be a normal leak.

However, if you find your hot water system excessively leaking from this pipe or anywhere else from the actual unit itself, as in the top of the unit or from the pipework, it’s definitely time to call a hot water specialist and potentially look into replacing the system altogether.

Plumber Near Me is skilled with working on all types of hot water systems; including gas, electric and solar powered, particularly Rinnai hot water systems such as heat pumps, storage and continuous flow tanks.

If you feel like your hot water system is excessively leaking and needs a professional to look into it, Plumber Near Me is who you should call. We can have a plumber can attend to assist you with your enquiry today, and in most cases within the hour* for emergency call outs.

We understand how worrying it can be to have a leaking hot water system, which is why we offer a same day service to all customers. We aim to ensure that our customers and their homes remain safe when dealing with their hot water system.

Are You Experiencing Low Water Pressure?

Low water pressure can be a frustrating problem to deal with, especially when you’re trying to enjoy a hot shower or need flowing hot water to wash your dishes.

If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your Rinnai water heater, there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue before calling in a professional. Here’s what you can do:

  • Check other taps: Start by checking if the low water pressure is affecting all taps in your home or just the hot water system. Turn on both hot and cold water taps in different areas of your house to see if the problem is isolated to the hot water unit. If it’s only affecting the hot water, then you know the issue lies within your water heater.
  • Inspect the shut-off valve: Locate the shut-off valve for your hot water system and make sure it’s fully open. Sometimes, the valve may have been accidentally closed, restricting the water flow. Turn the valve counter-clockwise to ensure it’s fully open.
  • Check for leaks: Look for any visible leaks in the hot water pipes or connections. Even a small leak can lead to reduced water pressure. If you find any leaks, tighten the connections or replace any damaged parts. However, if you’re not comfortable doing this yourself, it’s best to call a licensed plumber.
  • Clean the aerator: Sediment or mineral build up in the tap aerator can restrict water flow and cause low pressure. Unscrew the aerator from the affected tap and clean it by soaking it in vinegar overnight. Rinse it thoroughly and screw it back onto the tap.

If you’ve tried these steps and are still experiencing low water pressure in your hot water system, it’s time to call a professional plumber from Plumber Near Near Me. They will have the expertise to diagnose and fix the underlying issue, ensuring you can enjoy a steady flow of hot water again.

Is Your Pilot Light Not Staying Ignited?

If you have a Rinnai gas hot water unit, a common issue you may encounter is the pilot light not staying ignited. When the pilot light keeps going out, it can prevent your water heater from functioning properly and leave you without hot water.

Here’s what you can do if you’re facing this problem:

  • Check for drafts: Drafts in the vicinity of your water heater can cause the pilot light to go out. Make sure all windows and doors in the area are closed tightly. Additionally, check for any cracks or openings in the walls or floors nearby that could be letting in drafts.
  • Clean the pilot orifice: Over time, the pilot orifice can become dirty or clogged with debris, obstructing the flame and causing it to extinguish. Turn off the gas supply and use a small brush or compressed air to clean the orifice gently. Be cautious and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the thermocouple: The thermocouple is a safety device that detects if the pilot light is lit. If it malfunctions, it may shut off the gas supply, causing the pilot light to go out. Inspect the thermocouple for any signs of damage or corrosion. If necessary, replace it with a new one.
  • Adjust the pilot flame: If the flame is too weak or too strong, it can affect the stability of the pilot light. Refer to your water heater’s manual to find the proper flame adjustment procedure. Typically, you’ll need to locate the pilot light adjustment screw and carefully turn it to achieve the desired flame size.

If you’ve attempted these troubleshooting steps and your pilot light still won’t stay ignited, it’s advisable to contact a qualified technician. They will have the expertise to diagnose and repair any underlying issues, ensuring your hot water unit operates smoothly and reliably.

Our technicians are experienced with working on almost any type of hot water unit, specialising in Rinnai hot water heaters. From storage tank to continuous flow units, our plumbers can do it all.

Plumber Near Me technicians attend to all sites with the intention of providing our customers with same day service. We arrive at all sites with all the equipment, parts and tools for almost any hot water system enquiry, enhancing the chances of providing our customers with an immediate solution. We’ll restore your Rinnai hot water.

Our technicians are experienced with working on almost any type of hot water unit, specialising in Rinnai hot water heaters. From storage tank to continuous flow units, our plumbers can do it all.

Plumber Near Me technicians attend to all sites with the intention of providing our customers with same day service. We arrive at all sites with all the equipment, parts and tools for almost any hot water system enquiry, enhancing the chances of providing our customers with an immediate solution. We’ll restore your Rinnai hot water.

Rinnai Service

People often forget about the upkeep a hot water system needs. Just like any form of machinery, a hot water service works best when it is regularly serviced, sometimes extending the lifetime of the system.

This is where you can call Plumber Near Me to come and assess your hot water system. Our plumbers are all fully qualified plumbers and gas fitters, giving them the opportunity of working on more systems than your average plumbing company. We’re comfortable working with a Rinnai gas hot water unit or continuous system.

Although we service most Rinnai hot water systems, such as natural gas and solar powered; Rinnai often sells a larger range of electrically powered hot water systems such as the new electrical instantaneous units.

The fact that our plumbers are qualified enough to hold such a large range of licenses and qualifications means that you can rest assured knowing that we can assist you with your gas or electric hot water system. No matter the type, you will never be at a loss and jobs are completed on the same day where possible. Then you can enjoy reliable Rinnai hot water.

Our Service to You

Plumber Near Me is known for reliability, knowledge, skills and punctuality; as well as trustworthy tradesmen. We employ only the best of the bunch, to ensure that our customers receive top quality service with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We strive to make the entire experience as easy and stress free as possible for you by doing all of the hard work.

How often do you find yourself in a position where it is late at night or extremely early in the morning and your hot water system has stopped working? Can’t find a plumber at these ridiculous hours?

Rest assured, Plumber Near Me is a service that trades 24 hours a day, every day of the year – including all public holidays . Due to our flexible time frames, we arrange our plumbers to attend to your property at a time frame which suits your busy schedule.

We understand how difficult it can be to take time off work and such, which is why Plumber Near Me is a one-stop shop when it comes to all general maintenance and emergency plumbing problems.

Our plumbers attend to all jobs in Australian homes around the country with the intention of providing a same day service, which is why our plumbers arrive with vehicles that are completely stocked with quality standard plumbing materials – to ensure that you aren’t left in an uncomfortable position.

Interest Free** Payment Plan Options Available

Plumber Near Me has a range of interest free** payment plan options available on hot water heater replacements to help ease any financial stress this burden may cause. If your hot water heater is leaking, or you have no hot water, we can often have a plumber to you within the hour*.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.