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Kitchen Appliance Trends: What's the Best Colour?

Colour brings a room together. It unites and impresses, and the kitchen is no different.

From the wall colour to the floor, cupboards, cooking appliances and benchtops, everything has an impact. Even the colour and style of a kitchen appliance will influence the overall vibe and aesthetic.

Appliances have a dual purpose of functionality and appeal. A fridge should not only keep the food and everything cool, but the refrigerator drawers and doors also have to look good amongst its surroundings.

When it comes to selecting the right pieces for a kitchen, the options are not always so clear. There’s a lot to consider. And if you find yourself in that boat, deciding between stainless steel black, white or a bright colour, you know exactly how tough it is.

Thankfully, the Plumber Near Me team has explored the latest trends in small kitchen appliances as well as the key advantages and disadvantages of various major kitchen appliances. Everything from built in appliances like double wall ovens and traditional electric stoves, to the small appliances that sit on the kitchen island like air fryers and the coffee maker.

White Appliances Are Not Bland

There are those who believe white appliances are a safe choice. They might even go as far as to say white is standard, basic or bland. But that’s far from the truth!

Yes, some white appliances do reflect the low budget associated. However, modern white appliances also showcase premium class and can bring shine and glamour to any kitchen.

Brands like Westinghouse, Miele, Smeg and LG have an assortment of attractive, sleek white fridges. Forget the yellow tinges and plastic look!

Meanwhile, ovens are another realm where white is classy. Falcon, Belling and Fisher & Paykel offer class and grace. Their double ovens and stovetops are just like what you would find in a high-end chef’s kitchen.

White kitchen appliances are still trendy

The Pros and Cons: White Appliances

Keen to keep things simple and classic with your electric wall oven or induction cooktop? Here’s what you need to consider for white kitchen appliances.


  • Fingerprints and marks don’t show easily.
  • Low maintenance: cleaning is quick and simple.
  • A wide range of models for all budgets.
  • White never goes out of fashion.


  • Some styles can look old and outdated.
  • Cheaper models can give off a plastic feel.
  • Poor quality white may yellow or fade.
  • Big spills are more obvious if they’re not cleaned up.

Simple, understated and suitable for everything from induction range to an electric cooktop to a double oven, white cooking appliances are low maintenance and easy to keep clean.

Be Bold with Black Finishes

Whether you’re looking at a dark-toned kitchen or contrasting black and white, you can always find the right appliance in black. Toasters and kettles are more obvious choices, with ovens and fridges a trendy statement piece. Just think of how good it would look against the backdrop of a white/lighter splashback or benchtop.

Your boldness can know no bounds, either. Matte black, black steel and even black stainless steel are all quality modern options. You don’t just have to look for gothic chic.

Dark tones can suit any modern home

The Pros and Cons: Black Appliances

Darker kitchen appliances will present some slightly different advantages and disadvantages to traditional white.


  • A sleek look in many kitchens.
  • Fingerprints and marks are well hidden.
  • Contrasts in white and black kitchens/light and dark.
  • Low maintenance.


  • More costly on average.
  • Too much black can make a room feel smaller.
  • Scratches and damage are more noticeable.

As any interior designer will tell you, once you go black you’ll never go back. Black is the perfect colour choice for everything from induction cooktops to convection ovens and a myriad of other kitchen appliances big and small.

Stainless Steel, the Versatile Choice

It’s easy to plead the case for stainless steel as the most popular finish in kitchen appliances throughout most homes. It has always presented a sleek energy efficient, futuristic image that suits just about anything.

Stainless steel is also great for mixing and matching. A Samsung stainless steel wine fridge can for example, easily be paired with a Fisher & Paykel electric oven and no one would notice – until they look closely. Still, the crisp finishes blend perfectly for a modern, sophisticated look in every kitchen.

Dark stainless steel appliances are also an option for anyone after something slightly more unique.

Stainless steel is always effective

The Pros and Cons: Stainless Steel Appliances

From dishwasher drawers to coffee machines and even the ice maker that sits by the fridge, there’s a reason why stainless steel kitchen appliances are so popular!


  • Versatile, modern and reliable.
  • Fashionable and trendy.
  • Complements metal fixtures and wood statement pieces.
  • Affordable at both ends of the budget.


  • Larger models can be expensive.
  • Fingerprints and marks are more obvious.
  • Scratches are noticeable.
  • Easy to damage and dent.

With many homeowners favouring stainless steel for both their larger and smaller appliances, you can trust that it will provide a seamless look that will transcend most design trends. It’s important to give careful consideration to the benefits and the drawbacks, however, as it may not be the ideal choice for every household.

Say Yes to Colourful Kitchen Appliances

Who says you should be restricted to black, white or stainless steel? There’s a rainbow of colours to choose from! Explore brands like Smeg, Belling and Falcon who have well and truly made a statement with their options. Choose from shades such as floral burst, peach blush, day’s break or rolling countryside.

If you can’t quite picture it, think anything from yellow, red and green to cherry, cranberry or blue. The possibilities for your kitchen style are honestly endless. And if you want a feature piece, a colourful oven could certainly be a perfect choice. It can even match the toaster and kettle for added vibrancy!

Bright colours also work well with black cabinets, or as a juxtaposition to white. The key is to not go overboard but maintain a balance.

Colourful kitchen ideas

The Pros and Cons: Colourful Appliances

Bright statement panel ready appliances can often be an eye-catching delight, or perhaps one step too far as an appliance trend.


  • A statement piece and conversation starter.
  • Adds warmth to any kitchen.
  • Hides fingerprints well.
  • Great for mixing and matching.


  • Bright colours can become dated more quickly.
  • Limited availability could impact future repairs/replacement.
  • Higher purchase costs than black or white.

Though you’re unlikely to find a gas cooktop or electric cooktops that would fall into this category, there’s every chance that you might find a small appliance or two, such as an air fry machine or microwave that adds a splash of colour to your overall kitchen design.

The Final Word on Kitchen Appliance Trends

In reality, there’s no clear winner when it comes to the best kitchen appliance for you. The choice must rest on your personal likes and dislikes. Be sure to shop around and inspect any bold choices in person, just so you can truly see the full potential of a bright red fridge or a black oven for organising any appliance installation.

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