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Biocycle Aerobic System

These aerobic systems are manufactured under a number of names such as Sep-Treat, Ri-treats, Enviro Cycle, Eco Cycle and Biocycle.

In a domestic home, aerobic wastewater treatment systems are roughly around seven-and-a-half litres in volume. The unit is a tank where water and sewerage from the house are collected, treated and then discharged out onto the garden.

At Plumber Near Me, our plumbers are often called to these tanks where either the tank is blocked or the sewer piping leading up to the tank is blocked.

When this occurs, we are often able to use one of our electric machines in an attempt to clear the blocked drains.

Most of the customers we encounter with one of these Bio units are usually located in a regional/rural area, due to not having their homes connected to the main sewer line, as in most city and suburban areas.

These aerobic wastewater treatment systems have superseded the old septic tank, as most councils no longer allow old-fashioned septic tanks to be installed due to hygiene and safety regulations.

How Does the System Work?

An aerobic wastewater treatment system uses oxygen to break down organic matter and remove contaminants from wastewater. This process involves multiple stages to effectively treat the water.

  • Firstly, the wastewater enters the aeration tank, where oxygen is supplied either through mechanical means or by natural aeration.
  • The oxygen supports the growth of aerobic microorganisms, such as bacteria, that consume the organic compounds present in the water.
  • As these microorganisms metabolise the contaminants, they convert them into carbon dioxide, water, and additional bacterial biomass.
  • The treated water then moves to a settling tank, where the solid particles settle down, and the clarified water is discharged.

This aerobic process ensures efficient and environmentally friendly wastewater treatment. This water can be fed to sub-surface irrigation systems if required.

Latest in Modern Machinery

We often have a customer call out to blocked drains which require machinery to clear the blockage.

Not all plumbing companies own these types of machinery, however, Plumber Near Me has a large range of machinery to unblock all types of blockages including hair, roots, paper, dirt and many other causes.

We have the ability to work on pipework connected to main sewer lines and pipework connected to a septic tank, we’ve tackled it all before. We have the expertise to repair or install a biocycle wastewater treatment system.

Our plumbers can work with garden irrigation systems or conventional septic systems if required. We are experts in all plumbing maintenance, so give Plumber Near Me a call today.

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