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A Professional Guide to Tap Styles and Colours

Whether you're renovating a heritage-listed villa or modernising a cosy suburban home, the right tap type can make a significant impact on both functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Let’s delve into the intricacies of all those different types of taps—from mixer taps that offer precise temperature control to the traditional elegance of pillar taps, and the sleek sophistication of wall-mounted taps. Understanding the difference between the hot and cold water flow dynamics of different tap types is crucial in making an informed choice. So, let’s turn the tap on this topic and flow through the essentials of selecting the perfect bathroom or kitchen tap for your home.

Understanding the Different Types Of Taps

Exploring the different types of taps on the market can be a bewildering experience, with a plethora of tap styles to choose from. Understanding the basics is key to narrowing down your options.

  • The mixer tap is a popular choice for its single tap spout that mixes both hot water and cold water together, offering ease and efficiency.
  • Pillar taps, with their separate cold and hot water controls, add a touch of classic charm to any sink.
  • For those seeking a modern twist, monobloc taps merge functionality with contemporary design.
  • The ball tap and cartridge tap represent the advancements in tap technology, providing smooth operation and water flow regulation.

Each tap type serves a functional purpose and also enhances the overall design aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen. As you consider the different types of taps available, think about the practicality of daily use by the occupants of your home, and the overall style statement you want to make.

Mixer Taps Explained – The Ideal Blend of Functionality and Style

The mixer tap stands out as a fusion of practicality and style, making it an ideal choice for the modern Australian home. It operates with a single handle, effortlessly blending hot and cold water to your desired water pressure and temperature.

Available in an array of designs, from the minimalistic single lever to the more traditional twin-handle setup, mixer taps cater to a variety of aesthetic preferences. They are a staple in modern bathroom design, often chosen for their sleek lines and ease of use, making them a practical yet stylish fixture for any kitchen or bathroom renovation.

The Pillar Tap – A Classic Choice

Pillar taps exude timeless elegance. They’re reminiscent of a bygone era of design, yet they remain a classic choice for many Australian homes. These taps, distinct with separate spouts for hot and cold water, allow for traditional control and a quintessentially symmetrical look.

Ideal for those who value the tactile experience of twisting handles to fine-tune water temperature, the pillar tap comes in a variety of styles, from the ornate and Victorian style to the clean and understated modern designs. While this tap type might echo traditional luxury, it also meets modern standards for new taps with options like ceramic disc technology for a drip-free performance. Pillar taps are more than a nod to the past; they’re a statement of enduring style and reliable functionality.

Wall Mounted Taps – Maximising Space and Elegance 

Wall mounted taps are a sleek, space-saving solution for the modern Australian home, offering an uncluttered, minimalist look to your bathroom or kitchen. These taps are affixed directly to the wall above the sink, liberating countertop space and simplifying cleaning routines. The elevation of wall mounted taps provides a distinct aesthetic advantage, allowing for a dramatic water flow and creating an eye-catching focal point.

These types of taps require careful installation by an experienced plumber, to ensure the water supply is correctly aligned within the wall. Whether styled in shiny chrome for a striking effect or in subtler finishes, wall mountable taps blend utility with sophistication, making them a favoured choice for those with a penchant for contemporary design.

The Enduring Appeal of Washer Taps

Washer taps, also known as compression washer taps, remain a staple in many Australian homes for their simplicity and ease of repair. These taps function through a compression mechanism where the turning of the tap handle tightens a washer against a valve seat to control water flow.

The classic washer tap design offers a nostalgic charm that many homeowners seek, while their practicality lies in the ease with which a worn-out washer can be replaced. Though more modern types of taps have emerged, the reliability and straightforward design of the washer tap continues to be a trusted choice for those appreciating a traditional touch in their plumbing fixtures.

Colour Me Impressed – Selecting Tap Colours 

Now that you’ve settled on the types of taps you want in your home, now you need to consider the colour. Selecting the right colour for your bathroom fixtures and taps is not just about complementing the interior design of your home; it’s about setting the tone for your space.

Shiny chrome taps are versatile and timeless, offering a reflective appeal that can brighten any room. For a more subdued but equally sophisticated look, brass effect taps add a warm, vintage charm. It’s not just about aesthetics; the colour of your taps can also influence your mood and the room’s ambiance.

Whether you opt for the classic shine of standard chrome taps or the modern matte of darker hues, the colour choice is pivotal in achieving the desired atmosphere in your kitchen or bathroom. Choose wisely to ensure your taps are not just fixtures, but standout features that impress.

Material Matters – Chrome, Brass, Ceramic 

The material of your taps is as crucial as the colour and style when it comes to both durability and design.

  • Chrome taps are renowned for their hard-wearing nature and the ability to maintain a shiny finish and a lustrous shine over many years, making them a practical choice for busy Australian households.
  • Brass taps, on the other hand, bring a classic and often antique feel to a space, their material offering a living finish that ages and evolves with time.
  • Ceramic taps are on the rise for those seeking a contemporary edge, lauded for their sleek look and resistance to wear and staining.

Each material boasts a unique aesthetic appeal as well as specific maintenance needs and longevity, factors that are essential to consider in understanding the perfect tap styles for your home.

The Technology Within – Cartridge and Ball Taps 

Though the inner workings of taps might not be immediately visible, they are at the heart of their functionality and dictate efficiency and control.

  • Renowned for their smooth operation and durability, cartridge taps use internal cartridges that can easily be replaced to fix drips or leaks.
  • The ball tap, with its hollow ball and internal cartridge that controls water flow and temperature, offers a more traditional twist to tap technology.
  • Ceramic discs have also revolutionised tap functionality, providing a seal that is far more durable than the traditional washer and ensuring a longer life for taps.

These technological advancements ensure that modern taps not only look great but perform exceptionally well, providing precise control over the water flow and temperature in your home.

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