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8 Best Bluetooth Shower Speakers – Waterproof and Wireless

The great thing about wireless Bluetooth speakers is that you can take them anywhere.

What’s even better is that most of the latest speakers are waterproof, making the pool and beach highly desirable places to consume music.

But what about the shower? Is there anything stopping the latest episode of your favourite true crime podcast from joining you in the shower? Not really, but there are a few things to be mindful of when shopping for your next wireless speaker.

What to Look for in a Shower Speaker

The key here is obviously waterproofing. The current industry standard for wireless speakers is the IP67 rating which ensures speakers are water and dustproof. Most manufacturers state that IP67 means their speakers can be submerged in water 1.5 metres deep for up to 30 minutes. So some steam and shower spray for several minutes a day should have little effect on the lifespan of the speaker.

Next up is sound quality. All eight of these speakers were selected for providing quality audio reproduction without sacrificing their shower friendly size.

However, it’s hard to get an ear on sound performance without hearing from a speaker yourself. So our advice is to head down to your local appliance store and test the display speakers or to read the online reviews.

Whatever your preference, here are the 8 best shower speakers perfect for adding a soundtrack to your daily routine:

JBL Clip 4 Shower Speaker

1. JBL Clip 4

Clip 4 is the eye catching speaker from JBL, which deserves a permanent place on a backpack, by the pool or hanging in your shower. This compact JBL Bluetooth speaker can provide rich audio and punchy bass thanks to its 40mm drivers, all while retaining that appealing pocket friendly size.

Stream music wirelessly from a phone, tablet or device of your choice and hang the speaker easily using the integrated carabiner. The JBL Clip 3 was hugely popular, and now Clip 4 adds an IP67 rating for waterproofing and improved dust resistance. The battery life is good, coming in at around ten hours between charges. Three hours is required to reach full battery capacity.

There are seven different colours available for Australia with an entirely different palette for the USA. When a favourite song comes on, you must Clip it! Clip it good.

Battery life: 10 hours
Price: RRP $90

ultimate ears wonderboom 2

2. Ultimate Ears Wonderboom 2

Wonderboom 2 offers 360-degree sound that’s surprisingly loud for such a small speaker. Designed for use in noisy environments, UE Wonderboom 2 ups the bass with a dedicated outdoors mode ideal for use at the beach, pool parties and, of course, when singing in the shower.

This speaker is also designed with an IP67 waterproof rating, meaning it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a time. That’s plenty of time, even for the biggest water waster in your household. Two Wonderboom speakers can even be wirelessly connected via a button on top for that appealing stereo sound.

The vibrant two-tone fabrics are available in five styles, each with a matching sports loop for hanging off a shower caddy. Battery life for the Wonderboom 2 is up to 13 hours, with 2.6 hours required to reach full charge.

Battery life: 13 hours
Price: RRP $130

ampere shower power speaker

3. Ampere Shower Power

Anyone looking to limit their environmental impact will adore the Shower Power from Ampere. This wireless speaker is made from 100 per cent recycled plastic and is actually powered by the water in your shower.

Ampere’s hydropower system works like a water wheel in a dam. Connect the speaker to your shower head, and the water flow powers a mini generator charging the internal battery. This provides endless music via Bluetooth with the water flowing and up to 14 hours of use without.

Ampere’s shower speaker has 40mm drivers for a max sound output of 85 decibels. That’s plenty loud enough to hear over running water. Shower Power is available in your choice of black or white, along with versions that have LED lighting so you can get the full karaoke experience going while scrubbing your nether regions. DIY the install or call a plumber for assistance.

Battery life: 14 hours
Price: RRP $130

bose soundlink shower speaker

4. Bose SoundLink Micro

Premium audio steps into the shower with this compact Bose speaker. The American brand is renowned for its high quality audio, and the Bose SoundLink Micro is ideal for outdoor adventures and streaming Spotify where things can get wet. The speaker also features a silicone rubber exterior for protection against damage, and the tear resistant strap at the back makes it easy to hang over a rail or hook.

Battery life for this Bose speaker comes in at six hours, so not as long as others. However, Bose claims that its bass output is better than the competition, along with music that’s rich and full of life. And if you’re only using the speaker in the shower, six hours is plenty of time.

SoundLink Micro is available in three bold tones, and Bose speakers come with a 90 day risk free trial which is great for anyone unsure if this speaker is right for them.

Battery life: 6 hours
Price: RRP $150

bang and olufsen bluetooth speaker

5. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1

Superior sound meets a luxury label with this portable Bang and Olufsen Bluetooth speaker. The high end Danish brand is known for combining the latest in modern design with premium sound reproduction, and the Beosound A1 is no exception.

The second generation A1 is upgraded to be the best choice for music on the go. Punchy, True360 omnidirectional sound makes this speaker the natural centre of attention while delivering up to 18 hours of playtime. The IP67 rating makes the speaker completely waterproof, while the low key strap takes care of the rest. Three built-in microphones keep you connected for hands free calls if you and the bestie have no boundaries.

Battery life: 18 hours
Price: RRP $420

kohler moxie shower head

6. Kohler Moxie

When your shower has no hooks or rails suitable for hanging a speaker, Kohler Moxie comes in useful. Combining a luxurious spray shower head and a waterproof speaker by Harman Kardon, the Moxie brings the best of both worlds.

The shower head features a magnetic dock at the centre for holding the speaker with the shower spray coming from around the outside. You can install this one yourself or with the aid of a plumber.

Moxie provides six hours of battery life and connects to devices via Bluetooth with sound performance acoustically tuned for showers. Remove the speaker and take it to the beach or poolside without affecting your family’s ability to shower. Available in your choice of three finishes and two sizes, Moxie is a great accessory for gearing up and winding down.

Battery life: 6 hours
Price: From $308

sony extra bass shower speaker

7. Sony Extra Bass XB12

This Sony speaker features the brand recognition you know and love along with powerful sound and long-lasting battery life. Music lovers will appreciate this Sony Bluetooth speaker for its namesake – the extra bass. A passive radiator works with the internal speaker to enhance low end tones for a bass boost achieved without sacrificing the compact size.

The XB12 is lightweight with a removable strap that can be easily hung over a shower caddy and 16 hours of battery life means you won’t need to remove the speaker for charging very often.

Like all good shower speakers, XB12 is protected by a IP67 waterproof rating and is available in your choice of five colours with a few extra options available at select retailers. Two speakers can also be connected wirelessly for that desirable stereo sound.

Battery life: 16 hours
Price: RRP $48

tribit stormbox wireless speaker

8. Tribit Stormbox Micro

This Tribit speaker is micro in size, not in sound. The audio reproduction here is superior to most other speakers of its size, with the patented XBass technology ensuring a powerful punch backs your favourite beats.

Hang the speaker off a shower head using the tear resistant strap at the back with the IP67 waterproof rating keeping the speaker safe at all times. Eight hours of battery life will keep the music and podcasts flowing for a full day, and two speakers can be wirelessly connected for a stereo or party listening experience. The Tribit Stormbox Micro is available in your choice of black and orange colourways.

Battery life: 8 hours
Price: RRP $88

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