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5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen

5 Reasons Why You Need An Outdoor Kitchen

Picture this: It's a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon.

You invited some friends and family over to entertain them with a big barbecue and perhaps some backyard cricket. You’re the true MasterChef of your home, and your brand-new outdoor kitchen is the main talking point.

There’s a bar fridge for drinks, an amazing built-in stainless steel barbecue, a solid benchtop, some outdoor furniture, a luxurious sink and more. Whatever you wanted in your outdoor space, it’s there!

Now, let’s step back to the present.

In reality, your “outdoor kitchen setup” consists of a slightly dusty BBQ; a lacklustre piece of metal that doesn’t ignite any inspiration. There’s no outdoor kitchen cabinetry to speak of. And, as for outdoor furniture, well there’s barely anything you could sell on Gumtree.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

The ultimate outdoor kitchen can easily take your home, and your concept of outdoor living, to the next level. Here are five reasons why you should make the dream alfresco kitchen happen.

1. A Permanent Outdoor Space for the Barbecue

How often do you find yourself trundling your BBQ around the yard? Is it so unsightly it has to live in the shed, or in a secluded storage area around the corner? The great thing about BBQs, whether gas or electric powered, is that you can build entire outdoor kitchens around them, giving your grill the home it deserves!

Whether you currently have a barbecue that could be integrated into an outdoor area benchtop or cupboards, or you’re eying off a brand new stainless steel cooker, the world is your oyster. A fixed outdoor connection to power or a natural gas line means you can have a permanent gas barbecue installation – no more LPG gas bottles! You can stop eyeing that prime location under the covered patio or pergola, because it’s entirely possible to make it home for your BBQ and kitchen.

It’s all possible when it comes to alfresco kitchens. You can hide power points for your refrigerator, or redirect gas lines to your outdoor kitchen. It’s all so simple when you can truly have a home for cooking.

2. Save Space in Your Kitchen

Just think about those busy days traversing in and out of the kitchen while carrying plates, trays, tongs, food and all the drinks. It’s a literal armful! And once you’re back in the kitchen the dishes pile up.

Let’s forget about the barbecue, too, where you barely have space for a plate to hold all the sausages on a pitiful little side platform.

That all changes with your dream outdoor kitchen. A mini fridge can hold everything you need and make the fridge inside clearer. Your flashy new benchtop can also hold all the accessories, the plates and trays, and give your indoor countertop some rest.

There’s also no need to madly dash inside every 5 minutes. Everything you need can have a home in the outdoor kitchen’s cupboards and drawers, cabinets and other storage spaces.

And on the busiest days like Christmas or Australia Day, you can have separate sections for internal and external cooking. When the kids are milling about you can let them hang outside where there’s a touch more space, while inside the kitchen can be quiet and calm… or vice versa depending on who is where!

Man grilling vegetables on an outdoor kitchen barbecue.
Man grilling vegetables on an outdoor kitchen barbecue.

3. Keep Cool During Summer

On hot summer days above 30°C where cooking in the kitchen is like a sauna, it can be incredibly nice to cook and spend the night in a cool summer breeze. Your oven can add several degrees to the internal temperature, forcing the air con to work harder which increases your energy bills.

But by cooking on the barbecue in your outdoor kitchen, the heat is not trapped inside and you’ll keep the energy costs down low. This simple switch allows you to cook and enjoy delicious meals while keeping energy expenses at a minimum, all while relishing in the comfort of your outdoor areas.

4. Quality Control Over Your Gas Supply

We’ve all been there. The mad dash to pick up an LPG gas bottle because you just tried to fire up the BBQ and it’s dead! With a permanent gas supply, there’s no longer a need to panic. You’ll never run out of fuel.

You will have intuitive cooking which reacts instantly and can use your barbecue or grill at any time. The outdoor kitchen can come into play at any time of the day and no one has to pick up a bottle.

With the help of a licensed gas fitter, you can also be assured your gas supply is 100 per cent safe. A gas bottle can leak, and there are accidents involving loose connections every year.

Remember that any gas work must be completed by a licensed professional to ensure it meets all government regulations.

They will extend any pipework and create secure connections and fittings. They can also test for any leaks from the gas lines and any connected appliances. With a certificate of compliance to match, you will be cooking with natural gas, in a safe, secure manner.

5. Increased Future Resale Value

Your glorious outdoor kitchen will increase resale value instantly. Well, at least if you do decide to ever sell. Future buyers will be attracted to the additional entertaining area and all the wonderful perks, features and optional extras you enjoy.

Weather-resistant fixtures are common in outdoor kitchens. Features such as water resistant outdoor kitchen cabinetry and furniture not only make the prospect of entertaining friends and family more appealing, but also help to boost the future resale value of your property.

BONUS: Outdoor Kitchens Contribute to a Healthier Lifestyle

An outdoor kitchen doesn’t just add a touch of luxury to your home; it can also contribute significantly to a healthier lifestyle. Cooking outdoors in the fresh air can be both relaxing and invigorating, unlike cooking indoors which often involves dealing with grease, smoke, and odours. Moreover, grilling your food, a popular cooking method for outdoor kitchens, is a healthier alternative to frying, as it reduces fat content and is better able to preserve nutrients. To top it off, you can opt for eco-friendly natural gas grills, which produce less harmful emissions. Everyone wins!

Plumber Near Me For Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

Now, creating your new outdoor kitchen is a big commitment. There will be some serious planning and design elements to choose from. So if – or when – you are ready to get the outdoor kitchen installed, Plumber Near Me is ready to assist you.

We can take care of important installation and gas fitting, or any plumbing and electrical jobs. Our experienced technicians are available after hours and on weekends as well, so your work can be completed when it suits you.

And with our versatile technicians, any external plumbing, power outlet installation and gas BBQ installation can easily be completed. Even if you want an assessment to see whether the work is possible, we can send a local technician to your home to measure and talk through the options.

Plumber Near Me is here to help you entertain the masses and take outdoor living to the next level in your own alfresco kitchen. Give us a ring for more information!

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.