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We are Your Rheem Experts

Take care of your Rheem hot water with the help of licensed Plumber Near Me specialists.

Your Rheem Hot Water Service, Installation and Repair Experts

Rheem well and truly deserves to stake its claim as Australia’s favourite name in hot water since 1939. Its sustainable water heaters are among the most efficient and productive on the market.

Meanwhile, their global reach has never dulled the commitment to providing Australians with high quality hot water systems. Rheem continues to design and deliver units that are durable and truly built to last.

Here at Plumber Near Me, our team boasts a wealth of experience installing Rheem gas, electric and solar water heaters. Our licensed technicians are ready to install your brand new system or take care of an existing hot water system. With the assistance of Plumber Near Me, you’ll benefit from the best care possible.

Water heaters always benefit from annual servicing. Proper care and maintenance can often add years of life to an existing storage tank or gas continuous flow unit. It will help you to enjoy the same great hot water from your Rheem system for many years to come.

For peace of mind, Plumber Near Me offers a 12-month warranty on all workmanship. That goes for repairs, maintenance, replacement, and more. So all you need to do is contact us today for your next Rheem hot water service.

Rheem’s Reliable Hot Water Range

Plumber Near Me has extensive experience working with Rheem’s reliable and dependable range of hot water systems. Whether you need service or repair, installation or replacement, our plumbers have done it all.

No matter the type of system you own, or wish to own, Plumber Near Me technicians have the necessary knowledge to look after it. Our expert team regularly works with the following Rheem products:

When you’re after a professional service with attention to detail and long-term success, call Plumber Near Me. We understand the importance of hot water and your desire to never be left in the cold!

Our hot water services always come with one assured outcome: plenty of hot water flowing through your taps!

Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems

Rheem’s electric hot water systems are perfect for a variety of families and households. Whether the hot water demand is big or small, there’s a unit to suit thanks to the wide range of sizes available.

For small-scale supply needs, Rheem’s storage tanks start out at a compact 25 litres capacity. Its large tanks range from 160 litres to 400 litres, so you can always have the right amount of water.

Modern Rheem hot water systems are crafted from stainless steel. They are protected by a patented commercial-grade ultra-enamel for a tough, long-lasting finish. That means you can enjoy premium quality hot water for longer.

Other key benefits include:

  • No sacrificial anode, saving on maintenance requirements
  • Perfect design for off-peak energy rates
  • Single or twin element options
  • Australian made
  • Stainless steel cylinder and Ultranamel® Class Y protection
  • 12-year cylinder warranty by Rheem

Meanwhile, larger storage tanks that do have a sacrificial anode, benefit from a thicker anode and additional long-term protection.

All hot water systems are easy to install thanks to their standard footprint and fittings. Easy changeover allows for competitive pricing and an economical upgrade.

When you need trusted and experienced workmanship for your Rheem electric water heater, contact Plumber Near Me today.

Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters

A Rheem gas continuous flow hot water system provides a range of benefits including compact sizes, rapid hot water delivery and high energy ratings. With flow rates ranging from 12 litres per minute to 27 litres per minute, there’s a quality gas hot water system for all.

Each gas continuous flow water heater holds a 6-star energy rating, and can either deliver hot water at 50°C or 60°C. Other leading qualities include:

  • Flamesafe® overheat protection
  • No fluctuations thanks to the Rheem Q FactorTM
  • Remote temperature control options
  • 10-year parts warranty by Rheem
  • 3-year labour warranty on the heat exchanger by Rheem
  • Natural gas and propane alternatives

Plumber Near Me is your local expert for all things gas hot water. We provide ongoing maintenance and servicing for Rheem’s instantaneous systems, with licensed gas fitting.

Our services also include like-for-like replacement and installation, too. That means if your continuous flow water heater suddenly stops working, Plumber Near Me can quickly organise a replacement! You’ll never have to wait long to have your hot water up and running again.

Renewable Hot Water Solutions

Rheem Solar Hot Water

Solar hot water drastically cuts carbon emissions while increasing your energy saving benefits. Rheem also offers solar options that are perfectly suited to a variety of homes and locations.

There’s the Rheem Hiline® for temperate or tropical climates. Meanwhile, for warm locations with good water chemistry, the Rheem Loline® offers an ideal solution.

And whether you have an existing solar unit, or want to upgrade, Plumber Near Me is here to help. Our hot water specialists boast a wealth of experience in solar hot water system installation, maintenance and repair. We provide fast and reliable assistance when you need it most.

Rheem solar systems are lightweight and durable. They feature the latest in heat exchange technology and frost protection. Electric or gas boosters ensure year-round comfort, while long-term warranties offer even more protection.

And should you need additional assistance, always feel free to call Plumber Near Me for further servicing and maintenance.

Rheem Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology draws heat from the outdoor air, converting it into heat energy that warms your hot water. Sure, it sounds strange, yet it’s a brilliant alternative to the standard electric storage tank.

Rheem has a selection of renewable energy heat pump water heaters that are guaranteed to deliver a concentrated volume of hot water. They use the same plumbing and electrical connections as a standard storage tank, too, so you need not worry about additional work.

Rheem heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, and owners can benefit from government rebate programs. Each model includes a backup electric element for assured hot water on colder days, while your energy use is reduced considerably.

Interest Free** Rheem Hot Water

Customers across Australia can rely on Plumber Near Me for fast and reliable hot water services. Our technicians are available 24/7, with no additional charges for after hours, weekend or public holiday jobs, and there’s always a local expert ready to answer any questions.

When it comes to emergency hot water repairs, you can also rest easy knowing that we provide a range of convenient payment options on jobs big and small.

Among them are flexible interest free** payment plans through buy now, pay later providers Humm and Zip. These can be paid off in weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on which provider you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

To find out more about our services, just ask your technician on site. They can answer every question and will be there to walk you through the entire process. That’s right, Plumber Near Me is here to take care of you, from the moment you call to the final wave goodbye. Contact us today to book your next hot water service!

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