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Plumber Near Me is your local AquaMAX 400L expert. We can install, service and repair all AquaMAX products.

AquaMAX 400 Features

Do you need a large, reliable hot water storage tank such as the AquaMAX 400? Finding a hot water heater that will provide enough hot water for a large family can be hard. Fortunately, AquaMAX has provided the ideal solution with their 400L vitreous enamel electric hot water system.

One of the largest units on the market, the 400L can heat water for a whopping five to nine people between three or more bathrooms. What’s even better is that, because it runs on mains pressure, it can deliver this hot water extremely consistently throughout multiple taps in a house.

For extra savings, the AquaMAX 400L vitreous enamel can be connected to off-peak tariffs and there is a twin element available if a higher demand for hot water is required.

The AquaMAX 400 can be installed internally or externally. Its dual inlets mean it can be easily installed in many different positions.

A quick summary of the benefits of an AquaMAX 400:

  • 400 litre capacity
  • Suitable for 5-9 people
  • Accommodates three or more bathrooms
  • Twin element available
  • Internal or external installation
  • 7-year cylinder warranty

AquaMAX 400 Installation, Service and Repair

A hot water system is a major investment as it is a key appliance in your home. This means if you’re getting one installed, or getting your existing one repaired, you’ll want it done by a professional.

Plumber Near Me is your local hot water expert. Don’t hesitate to call on us when you need an urgent hot water service. You can rely on us because we operate 24/7. We’ll even get to your door within an hour of your call*.

Interest Free** AquaMAX Hot Water Service

Looking for a plumber that offers interest free options rather than just slapping you with a big bill?  We can put your service on a convenient interest free** payment plan so that you can get your work done immediately.

Simply choose a plan with one of our providers, Humm or Zip. You can select weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, depending on which provider you choose. Some plans even accept a $0 deposit, so you pay nothing upfront.

Apply for one of these plans simply by asking your plumber on site. Approval usually takes only a few minutes, then we can begin work immediately.

Contact Plumber Near Me today for more information or to book your next AquaMAX 400L service.

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