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Where Do I Report a Burst Water Pipe?

If you think of a burst pipe, you might see water spilling and the bathroom overflowing, like a dramatic scene from a movie, right?

Contact a Licensed Plumber

When you discover a burst water pipe on your property, the first step is to contact a licensed plumber. These professionals are trained on how to handle a burst pipe emergency. efficiently and effectively.

If you’re unsure how to reach a licensed plumber, search online or ask for recommendations from friends and neighbours. Ensure the plumber you choose is experienced and can respond quickly to your emergency.

Identify the Location of the Burst

Before contacting a plumber, it’s essential to identify the exact location of the burst. This information will help the plumber assess the situation more accurately and prepare the necessary tools and materials.

Common areas where water pipes can burst include the water meter, garden tap, and the water supply network leading to your property.

Burst Water Pipe

Shut Off the Water Supply

While waiting for the licensed plumber to arrive, minimising the damage caused by the burst pipe is crucial. Locate the stop tap on your property, which controls the water supply. Shut it off to prevent further water flow to the affected area.

If you need help determining where the stop tap is, check your property boundary or contact the water supply service for assistance.

Document the Issue

To expedite the repair process and for future reference, document the issue. Take clear photos of the burst pipe, the surrounding area, and any significant damage caused by the leak.

Additionally, record the date and time when you discovered the issue. This information may be helpful for insurance claims or if similar problems occur in the future.

Report the Issue to Your State’s Water Supply Authority

In some cases, the responsibility for repairing burst water mains or pipes leading to your property may fall under the jurisdiction of the water supply authority in your state.

To resolve the issue promptly, contact the relevant authority and report the problem. They will dispatch a team to assess and address the situation if it involves the water supply network.

Slab Leak Detection

Emergency Repairs and Water Leak Prevention

While waiting for professional help, you can take emergency measures to contain the situation. Use a bucket or a container to collect any water that’s leaking. Placing towels or rags around the affected area can also help absorb excess water and prevent it from spreading further.

Assess the Water Quality

In some cases, a burst water pipe can affect the taste and quality of your drinking water. If you notice any changes in the water’s taste or if puddles of water have formed around your property, avoid using it for drinking or cooking. It’s better to err on caution and wait for the all-clear from the plumbing professionals.

Property Owner Responsibilities

As a property owner, you have certain responsibilities when it comes to maintaining and repairing water pipes on your premises.

Regular maintenance work from a professional can help prevent major bursts and leaks. They will inspect your plumbing system, detect early warning signs, and promptly address minor issues to avoid costly future repairs.

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Discovering a burst water pipe can be a stressful experience, but knowing where to report it and taking swift action can mitigate the damage. Contact a licensed plumber, shut off the water supply, document the issue, and report it to the relevant authorities if necessary. Following these steps ensures a quick response and resolution to your burst water pipe emergency.

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