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Tradies National Health Month

Working a trade job is difficult. Early morning starts and laborious work are only the tip of the iceberg.

As the final weeks of winter wind down, and we eagerly await the blossoming spring, there’s another significant event we need to mark on our calendars – Tradies National Health Month. This annual August event, centred around our hardworking tradies, actually has repercussions for us all.

Hear at Plumber Near Me, it’s a national health month we take seriously.

In the vast health tapestry of Australia, national health observances like Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month or World Mental Health Day get the limelight. And deservedly so. However, it’s equally important to focus on the general health and well-being of those who lay the bricks and beams of our nation.

Dive in with me as we raise awareness of the significance of Tradies National Health Month and how it ties into Australia’s broader health canvas.

The Scoop on Tradies National Health Month

Tradies National Health Month is a national campaign, established by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, that aims to shine a light on the health and well-being of those who keep our country moving – our tradies. This annual event is crucial for several reasons:

  • Raising Awareness: Much like Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and health awareness days like World Malaria Day, Tradies National Health Month aims to raise awareness by putting the spotlight on an overlooked area. Our tradies often work in physically demanding environments, and it’s essential to ensure their mental and physical health isn’t neglected.
  • Public Health Concern: Our tradies form a significant chunk of our workforce. Ensuring their health translates to a healthier Australia overall.
  • Local Communities: Tradies are at the heart of our local communities. Their health impacts our daily lives in more ways than one; from the houses we live in to the roads we drive on.

Tradies make up 30% of the workforce but account for nearly 60% of all serious claims. Without tradespeople, whether they be plumbers, carpenters, sparkies, or anything in the field, Australia would slow down. This important awareness month helps to shine a light to ensure that our tradies can work safely, prioritise their health, and – most importantly – return home from work each day safe and healthy.

Physical Health

In 2014-15, 107,000 worker compensation claims were made according to Safe Work Australia. Over 62,000 of those claims were from a tradesperson! Every day, tradies make 190 serious claims and they’re three times more likely to have an incident than any other occupation.

These frightening numbers highlight the importance of Tradies National Health Month.

Nearly half of all claims are for traumatic joint injuries. Wounds/lacerations, musculoskeletal disorders and fractures make up the remaining common claims. That’s not to mention potential long-term damage such as hearing loss and sun damage that might not show itself until much later in life!

Now more than ever we’re also concerned with keeping workers safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and beyond.

Mental Health: A Core Aspect of Tradies Health

Here at Plumber Near Me, recognising the importance of Tradies National Health Month extends beyond just physical health. Mental health is equally as important.

The long hours and physically demanding work of a tradesperson can take a toll on mental health as well. On top of dealing with major lifestyle changes and work practices, thanks to COVID-19, mental health in the trade industry also needs attention. Strenuous hours, project pressures, and sometimes the isolation of working in remote areas can take a toll on their mental well-being.

While we’re often so focused on the physical impact of trade work, it turns out that those in the trade industry have some of the highest suicide rates in Australian men. A construction worker is actually six times more likely to die by suicide than a workplace accident.

These statistics are alarming and demonstrate the need to put just as much emphasis on mental health as physical! Supporting the mental health of our tradespeople is not just about empathy; it’s about ensuring the continued strength of our nation’s backbone.

Why Raising Awareness Matters

Think of raising awareness as starting a conversation that can lead to real change. It’s about shedding light on the tough stuff our tradies face and turning a “not-knowing” into a “knowing.” And what’s cool about that? It gives us the chance to spot problems, shout about them, and rally around to solve them. It’s kind of like a ripple effect – as more of us get clued in, we can spread the word even further. When it comes to Tradies National Health Month, raising awareness means making sure our tradies get the backup, tools, and care they need to thrive. This, in turn, helps to make Australia healthier and stronger, ensuring that everyone wins.

The Broader Landscape of Health Awareness in Australia

Australia has a rich tapestry of health awareness months and events. From World Mental Health Day, which highlights mental health issues, to National Epilepsy Awareness Month, these initiatives aim to put the limelight on vital health concerns. All of which can affect tradies, both directly and through friends and family.

Some of the key months and days include:

  • Blood Cancer Awareness Month: An initiative that ties in closely with Tradies National Health Month, given the exposure many tradies have to harmful chemicals that can increase the risk of cancers such as lymphoma, myeloma and leukaemia.
  • World Health Day: A global initiative that raises awareness on pressing health issues.
  • International Awareness Day for Chronic Immunological and Neurological Diseases (CIND): Raising awareness on illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia.
  • Sexual Health Awareness Month and World Aids Day: These events focus on the importance of sexual health, a topic that is often overlooked but essential for overall well-being.

Such awareness campaigns are crucial for informing the public, raising funds for research, and ensuring everyone has access to the necessary resources and information.

The Ripple Effect: How Tradies’ Health Impacts Family Health

The health of a tradie doesn’t simply stop at the day’s worksite; it echoes throughout their homes and families. When a tradie faces health challenges, whether physical or mental, the consequences can affect the entire household.

Children might grapple with the anxiety of seeing a parent in pain or struggling mentally. Partners can feel the strain too, often taking on added responsibilities or battling their own anxieties about the well-being of their loved ones. This domino effect means that a single injury or prolonged stress can disrupt the emotional, financial, and overall stability of a family.

Thus, prioritising the health of our tradies isn’t just about workplace safety or individual well-being; it’s about ensuring the health and happiness of their families and, by extension, fortifying the broader community’s resilience and wellness.

Building Stronger Futures Through Health Education

Investing in the health of our tradies is a cornerstone for building a stronger, healthier future for Australia. Health awareness months like Tradies National Health Month, and global and national health observances like National Epilepsy Awareness Month or World Hand Hygiene Day are vital educational tools. Not only do they raise awareness, but they also equip people with knowledge and resources to recognise and respond to health issues early on. They allow us to have informed discussions about conditions like cancer, mental illness, and neurological diseases, breaking down barriers and stigma.

How You Can Support

Beyond mere acknowledgment, supporting our tradies in tangible ways is vital for the well-being of both the individuals and our broader community. Here’s how you can make a difference:

  • Engage in local initiatives: Every community has its pulse, its rhythm of events and initiatives. By actively participating in health awareness weeks or local health events tailored for tradies, you’re not just showing support, but also helping amplify the message.
  • Donate: Numerous organisations and initiatives work tirelessly to improve the health and safety standards for tradies. Every dollar you contribute aids in research, education, and support systems that ensure our tradies work in safer, healthier environments.
  • Stay informed: Knowledge is empowering. By staying abreast of national health observances, local workshops, or even digital platforms focusing on tradies’ health, you can be a beacon of information and support in your circles.
  • Open conversations: Initiate talks about health and safety with the tradies you might know. Sometimes, just knowing someone cares can make all the difference.

Together, with conscious efforts, we can champion the cause of our tradies and ensure they receive the care, attention, and respect they deserve.

What is Plumber Near Me Doing for Tradies National Health Month?

This August we’ll be bringing attention to tradies’ health and wellbeing over on our social media. We’ll be sharing tips to help improve safe work practices, as well as how to better relax and take care of your mental health.

Share these with your friends in the trade industry, or apply them to your own life. Just remember health is important all year-round, not just in Tradies National Health Month.

Please note: This information is provided for advice purposes only. Regulations differ from state to state, so please consult your local authorities or an industry professional before proceeding with any work. See our Terms & Conditions here.