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The 6 Disasters of Christmas

The original 12 Days of Christmas includes a partridge, five golden rings and a whole swag of lord and ladies.

More recently, the 2012 low budget sci-fi flick 12 Disasters of Christmas tried to replicate the festive cheer and … well there’s a reason it was made for TV.

While the movie was far from thrilling, it still asks an important question. What would be the true disasters of a Christmas at home?

We won’t count all the way to 12, nor will we make you sing. But here are 6 household disasters which could make your Christmas a real nightmare.

How the Gas Leak Stole Christmas

All good bad disaster movies (and a few Christmas comedies) start with a big bang. Your Christmas celebrations should not start that way.

According to the Australian Gas Networks approximately 24 per cent of Aussie homes use natural gas. For heating, cooking and barbequing, gas is an energy efficient non-renewable fuel.

However, gas leaks are a serious danger. If you’re expecting a big crowd during the holidays, look into a gas appliance service. Take note of any unexplained health symptoms such as nausea or vomiting, dizziness, headaches or fatigue.

Pay attention to the strength of flame in your gas hot water system’s pilot light, or the stovetop burners. Check your BBQ to ensure the gas mains or LPG bottle connection is sound and secure.

Most importantly, act fast and call in a licensed gas fitter if you do smell gas around the home.

Die Hard: The Oven’s Stopped Working

Remember in Die Hard when John McClane frantically tried to repair the oven and cook his Christmas turkey? No? Because it never happened!

If you’re hosting a gathering this Christmas you want to ace your tasty spread. From the pièce de résistance, the turkey, to a simple bacon and eggs breakfast, it all has to go right.

The holidays are perfect for appliance cleaning and looking into any niggling problems. Also, be smart about holiday sales if you want to upgrade and plan any appliance installation. Sure, it’s a great time, but if you’re still trying to work out how to use a new oven ahead of a big dinner party, you’ll have more than just an uncooked chook on your plate.

Christmas with No Air Conditioning

Don’t make it a Christmas with the cranks because there’s no air conditioning. Like clockwork, a heatwave seems to strike around Christmas and New Year’s. It’s beautiful for the beach but not so great for sitting inside with the grandparents and noisy cousins.

An air con service always goes down a treat. Keep the family cool with fresh evaporative air conditioning, or just clean out those air ducts and filters. Clean, high quality air will keep everyone in high spirits.

Besides, you can enjoy a cosy air conditioned nap after a big dinner!

It’s a Blocked Toilet

With countless friends and family marching through the home your bathroom will get a real workout. To prepare, give everything a clean and make sure it all smells good. And just like Santa, check it twice to be sure you didn’t miss anything.

Stop ignoring any recurring toilet issues, too. If your toilet blocks occasionally, think about the strain it will be under with dozens of users. One false move and you’ll be calling an emergency plumber for a blocked toilet.

So get in early to skip the stress and book a plumber before the family floods in.

All I Want for Christmas is Hot Water

You may sense a recurring theme here. When something’s not working during the holidays, it’s a disaster. And what happens if the in-laws are visiting and your hot water goes cold?

They won’t let you live that down.

A hot water system service is the perfect early Christmas present (to yourself and them). Have the fluctuating temperature fixed and take care of the bad water pressure! Give the ‘rents something good to talk about and leave them impressed by your superb shower.

Pipe Problems Actually

No one will stand at your door claiming you’re perfect if the water’s gushing from a burst pipe, or there’s a blocked drain.

Burst pipes can easily go unnoticed. The problem often starts as a small leak before the dam wall bursts and you’re in a genuine emergency.

Always keep an eye out for unexplained puddles around the home, higher than expected water bills, and the sound of running water when your taps are turned off. They are the best warning signs that you need a plumber, fast.

And if you do want an expert to prevent any of the above, call Plumber Near Me!

While we won’t arrive in a sleigh, we’re working hard like Santa Clause across the holidays. With 24/7 service and no additional after hours fees, you can count on us for a holiday miracle.

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