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Leaking Urinals Repaired by Plumber Near Me

Urinals come in all different shapes, sizes and types depending on what the customer is trying to achieve in terms of aesthetics.

It is also important to consider the volume of people that will be using the urinal as this can alter the style of urinal that will be suitable.

One customer we had call us out had a set of urinals with an automatic flush. This means that they do not require the customer to push a button for water to flush through the urinal. These have been modified with a flushing assembly turned off and an additive added so that they are now a waterless urinal thus conserving water.

When it comes to waterless urinals it is important that they are fitted in such a way that allows urine to pass out via a self-sealing one-way diaphragm. This allows emptying without the costly addition of water and passes on a financial saving to the owner of the urinal. Because water is not used to flush the urinal it is important that the system is fitted with a cleansing device that allows for appropriate hygiene and sanitation to be maintained.

Urinals are usually used in men’s toilets and are more suited for a commercial application where there are high volumes of people using them. There are also stainless steel models that are mounted on the ground which are trough-like in appearance. These are traditionally found in hotels, restaurants and sporting venues.

One of the reasons these stainless steel models are so popular in public places is because they are far more difficult to vandalise than other styles of urinals. It is rare to see a urinal in a domestic home, although it is possible for one to be installed in this setting if one desires.

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